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Financial & Retirement Planning

Over the years several clients ask about planning for the future. These questions include education planning for children, retirement planning, estate planning, and overall saving methods for the future. CPA's already understand their clients tax situation and are in a position to better understand the many retirement plans that their clients could engage in to best suit their needs from a tax savings prospective as well as a financial planning strategy. 

We have now engaged in this future planning for our clients. Based on your income & tax bracket we can offer several ways to save for retirement or college expenses. Several of these plans also serve as a great tax advantage and savings. 

Here are our services:

- Tax Planning (Focus is on the future to create ideas and strategies to save you money in taxes.)

- Investment Planning (We offer valuable means and methods to save for retirement while making money in the process)

- Education Planning (Valuable tax saving methods to save for college now and have your account grow.)

- Business Planning (You want to open a business or you have one and want to understand the tax advantages and planning features available to you. )

We offer several valuable investment strategies for our clients:

-Roth IRA

- Traditional IRA

- Educational IRA

- Simple IRA

- Sep IRA

-Stock Accounts

-Mutual Funds

Our firm is educated and affiliated with a reputable financial firm to best manage your account.

Consultation Fee : $200

Start saving now....its never too late to save taxes and grow your money for the future.....