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About Us

B. Frederick Co was initially started in 1995 as a bookkeeping company. After working several years for a tax accounting firm , Boyd Frederick realized that many companies were looking for further accounting assistance to better understand the financial information they were presented, how to interpret it, and how to use it. 

B. Frederick co implemented this into their services to assist ongoing businesses. What good is financial information if it is misleading, incorrect or not explained properly? B. Frederick Co also implemented tax services, payroll services, and sales tax preparation. The idea being to be truly a "one-stop" accounting services provider. Simply put, a place where a client could come to have all of their accounting needs met efficiently,accurately and effectively. 

For over 20 years the company has stayed true to this credo and offered its clients a valuable resource for their needs while providing it at the lowest cost possible. We strive to match your requirements with our resources. 

Our firm is comprised of highly trained professionals dedicated to & specializing in serving all the needs of its clients.

If you don't succeed then we don't succeed has always been our motto.We want to be your accountants now and for many years to come...